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Video Instructions

How to Level the Build Platform on EPAX Printers 


How to print a dental model


E10-5K Upgrade Kit Installation


X10-5K Upgrade Kit Installation


How To Replace nFEP Film


EPAX X1 Introduction to Basic Operations


How To Replace X1 LCD Screen


How To Apply Pre-Cut Screen Tape Around LCD Screen

Download the files to frame the screen from our Prints Page.



How To Install A Parallel Light Kit: Part 1 - Removing Existing Light
(this is a great video to see the inside of the machine and learn about the internal connections)



How To Install A Parallel Light Kit: Part 2 - Installing New Light 



 How To Install the 5.5" 4K screen upgrade kit 



X10 Lensed Light Source Installation



How To Replace 10.1" Screen



How To Replace The X10 or E10 Z-axis 



X133 unboxing -- Introductory video for X133 and X156



E10 Special Edition Hood Assembly