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Video Instructions

How to Level the Build Platform on EPAX Printers 


 EPAX X1 Introduction to Basic Operations


How To Replace nFEP Film


How To Replace X1 LCD Screen


How To Apply Pre-Cut Screen Tape Around LCD Screen

Download the files to frame the screen from our Prints Page.



How To Install A Parallel Light Kit: Part 1 - Removing Existing Light
(this is a great video to see the inside of the machine and learn about the internal connections)



How To Install A Parallel Light Kit: Part 2 - Installing New Light 



 How To Install the 5.5" 4K screen upgrade kit 



X10 Lensed Light Source Installation



How To Replace 10.1" Screen



How To Replace The X10 or E10 Z-axis 



X133 unboxing -- Introductory video for X133 and X156



E10 Special Edition Hood Assembly 



E10-5K Upgrade Kit Installation


X10-5K Upgrade Kit Installation