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X1K 6" 2K mono screen


The screen has tempered glass installed on top. So even if you spill resin or have a small resin leak, you can gently remove the resin without damaging the screen.  Do not leak resin under the screen through edges. It is strongly recommended that you cover the edges with our pre-cut screen tape or with 0.1mm thick kapton tape, if needed.

LCD Screen Specifications

  • Size: 6" diagonal
  • Resolution: 2560x1620
  • Weight: 25.0g
  • Interface:     MIPI


Package Includes:

  • 1x 6" LCD screen
  • one pre-cut screen tape

For instructions showing you how to replace the screen of your X1, please reference this video:

After replacing your screen, it is crucial that you also re-level your build platform.

LCD screens are consumed in this printing technology. As a result they are not covered by a warranty. Many screen failures are due to tiny residues in your resin vat between prints. The residues are pressed into the screen and lead to heated stress spots that cause the LCD crystal to burn out. Other times the residues can be large enough to crack the screen. Overly high exposure time settings over time will also decrease screen lifespans. 

We guarantee that your screen will work upon arrival and following installation.