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  • Specifically designed for LCD/LED light source to achieve better printing quality.
  • Castable Resin for Jewelry, Compatible to most LCD printers using 405 nm wavelength light
  • Low Odor
eSUN castable resin for jewelry:
layer height 0.05mm
bottom layer exposure time 70 seconds
bottom layers: 4
normal exposure time: 12 seconds
bottom lift distance: 5
lifting distance: 5
bottom lift speed: 60
lifting speed: 60
retraction speed: 150

Casting Process:

Castable resin for jewelry has high wax content.  Casting temperature is between 730-780 Celsius.  Heat furnace into 500 Celsius and then put the print in, then burn to 780 Celsius, then insulate for 4 hours.  After that, cool down and reverse mould.  Evaporation rate is 99%。