EPAX E10-5K 10.1" Mono LCD 3D Printer

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E10-5K Printer Specifications:


The NEW EPAX E10-5k is equipped with an 10.1-inch 5K Mono LCD screen. This Monochrome LCD screen optimizes throughput of light exposure allowing for breakneck curing and print times of up to 100 mm/hr. The E10-5K is further equipped with a lensed light source consisting of an ultraviolet LED matrix with a finely tuned lens array. The emitted UV rays are uniformly parallel creating an ultra precise image resolution of 4920*2880 pixels.

With neck breaking speed, accuracy down to the very finest of detail, and a massive build volume at 221 x 130 x 250 mm, the EPAX E10-5k offers an unprecedented combination of features that deliver swift, precise results down to every single detail.

Only works with ChiTuBox Pro version slicers and Free Basic Version.   The mainboard and slicer both are supplied by ChiTuBox.  Third party slicer software might need ChiToBox's SDK in order to export files for this printer.


  • High quality dual-linear rails and lead screw
  • Unique nFEP film leading to small release force and less stress on print
  • High quality latest parallel light
  • Upgradeability- Designed to incorporate upgrades inhibiting the cost of having to buy a new machine
  • User friendly & Out of the box ready- these printers come fully assembled with all accessories included except resin so you can start printing right away
  • Molded vat costs much less, making it easy to own many.  The molded vat is corrosion resistant.  The vat comes with an installed film and is just a bit over the cost of a film.
  • Partially molded build plate, making it easy to get one spare for your

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