EPAX Castable Resin for Jewelry, UV 405nm 0.5KG

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EPAX Jewelry Castable resin is the ideal resin for jewelers. It has a higher wax content to give a clean burnout for investment casting with no ash. Printed parts may also be used for detailed, accurate custom try-ons/prototyping. After a wash in isopropyl alcohol pieces are smooth with no tackiness and durable enough for handling with no additional curing needed. This resin is available in blue to highlight the most intricate details of rings, pendants, and other designs.

Color:  Blue or Green
Suggested Slicer Settings for color screen printers:
  • Normal Exposure Time: 16 seconds
  • Bottom Exposure Time: 80 seconds
  • Bottom Layers: 4
  • Layer Height: 0.05mm
  • Lift Speeds: 30mm/s
  • Retraction Speed: 120mm/s