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This tape should be installed on top of your LCD screen to help protect your printer from resin spills as well as hold your LCD screen in place. It will prevent any leaked resin from dripping underneath your screen and potentially damaging your printer. It will also hold your screen in place if you have to lay your printer down to perform maintenance, etc.

The 5.5" variant is cut and sized to fit EPAX X1 and X1-DJ printers. It is ready to install.

The 6" variant is cut and sized to fit EPAX X1K 6" printer. It is ready to install.

This is the screen tape ONLY. Replacement LCD screens must be purchased separately.

Steps to apply tape to 5.5" LCD screen:

  1. Download the 5.5" screen-edge.cbddlp file which will show you the edge of displayable screen. You can find the frame file here.
  2. Remove both vat and build platform. "Print" the above cbddlp file and observe the light on each side of the display area.
  3. Apply the pre-cut tape to the light frame so that the light frame is still seen.  On each of the 4 sides there is about 1mm room of extra space so you don't necessarily need to apply the tape precisely.  The tape is 2mm larger than the display area on all sides.
  4. Press the tape so that it is secure and even. Try to avoid creases.
  5. Perform an Auto-Home without the vat in place and then with the vat.


For 6" screen, for now you can use "Tools" -> "Calibrate" and have a piece of cardboard covering up the displayed rectangle.  That way the light will show where the edge of LCD screen display area is.


See the video below for installation: