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The screen is  for EPAX X9 printer ONLY.  

Using this screen with any other similar LCD printers is not supported.

The screen has tempered glass installed on top. So even if you spill resin on top of it, you can gently shovel off.  Do not leak resin under the screen through edges.  Cover edges with 0.1mm thick kapton tape if needed.

LCD screen specification:
Size: 8.9 inch
Resolution: 2560x1600
Pixel precision: 75um

Package Included:
1 * 3D printer lcd screen 8.9 inch

LCD screen is consumable in this printing technology.   A lot of failed screens are due to tiny residues in resin and those residues get pushed to screen hard, leading to heated stress spots.  Some failures are due to unnecessary over exposure time settings.  We guarantee it works at arrival and installed.  No warranty afterwards.

Each LCD screen comes with one pre-cut tape to prevent resins leak into screen.  Please check out the installation video described in our pre-cut tape listing.