EPAX E10 / X10 5K 10.1" Mono LCD Upgrade Kit

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The EPAX X10/E10-5K 10.1 inch upgrade kits are made for EPAX E10 4K 8.9-inch mono printers and the EPAX X10 4K 8.9-inch mono printers. 

The X10-5K and E10-5K upgrade kits include: 

  • E10-5K Mainboard
  • 10.1" Screen & Screen Bracket 
  • 10.1'' Screen Tape 

Please choose the right kit for your printer.  E10 kit does not work for X10.  X10 kit does not work for E10. The X10 Kit requires you to already have the lensed light source installed. If you have an older X10 you may need to install the X10 parallel light upgrade kit before you can properly install the 5K upgrade kit.

Only works with ChiTuBox Pro version slicers and Free Basic Version.   The mainboard and slicer both are supplied by ChiTuBox.  Other third-party slicers might need ChiTuBox's SDK in order to slice into files for this printer.

* You will need double-sided tape in order to install the screen to the bracket


  • 5k high resolution of 4920 *2800 

  • 20% larger build surface 
  • 221.4mm*129.6mm*250mm build volume 
  • 565 pixels per inch

Installation instructions will be available at the time of shipment via this listing and our YouTube channel.