REFURBISHED EPAX X1-DJ/X1-K UV LCD Resin 3D Printer with 3.5 inch Touch Screen, no resin

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We do not ship refurbished printers internationally. They are only available for domestic US customers. 


* Resin NOT included, must be purchased separately.

This is an USED EPAX X1 printer in good working condition. The exact condition of the printer will vary. Sometimes a refurbished printer will have minor cosmetic damage (such as a dent or scratch on the frame or scuffs). Some will have some signs of use (such as minor scratches on the build plate or vat), but nothing that will impacting printing.

The printer will be in good working condition and is tested before shipping out. Your printer will arrive calibrated and ready to print.

You may receive a printer with a dark window or with an orange window. The printer may or may not have an ethernet port.

    • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touchscreen.
    • For X1-DJ, X1, X1-N: 2K (5.5 inch) LCD masking screen. 2560*1440 (2k) HD masking LCD capable of capturing very fine detail.  For X1-K: 2K(6 inch) mono screen.
    • Improved Z axis stability.
    • 40W High Energy 50 LED light source.
    • Pre-installed non-FEP film (Imported from Japan) to allow easier detachment. FEP film can be used as well but the specially formulated nFEP is superior.
    • Sanded build platform surface made with premium soft aluminum for better adhesion than cheaper, hard aluminum.
    • Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware.
    • Wide selection of resin options; can use any 405nm wavelength 3D printing resin.
    • 115mm (L) *65mm (W) *155mm (H) build volume
    • XY resolution reaches 0.047mm;  Minimal Z layer height is 0.01mm

Each printer purchase includes:

  • 1x spare nFEP film, 0.125mm thick 
  • 1x USB stick loaded with manual PDF file, a sample print file and a ChiTuBox config file
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x plastic scraper tool
  • 1x metal scraper tool
  • 1x allen wrench
  • 2x resin filters

X1 now has three different models:

Standard X1  -- Uses SX03 interface on LCD screen.  The screen has an internal SX04 to SX03 interface converter inside black tape covered cable.

X1-N with new mainboard -- Uses LCD screen's default SX04 interface.  Has a side panel on left side of body for LCD screen cable connection access.

X1-K is X1-N with parallel light installed and 6" mono screen installed.


Warranty Information

Our refurbished printers are backed by a 3-Month Warranty that begins from the date you receive your printer.

Please note: The LCD screen, film, filters and resin are consumable technology which are NOT covered by this warranty.

All other components of the printer are covered by the warranty. In the event of damage or defect, we will ship you replacement parts free of charge. It does not void the warranty for you to open your printer and perform maintenance. Our printers were designed to be user-friendly both inside and out.

If you wish to have us repair or perform maintenance on your printer for you, we are happy to do so. We will provide free parts and labor, but you must cover the round trip shipping costs. You may use your preferred carrier.


Returns and Refunds

If for some reason you decide our printer is not for you, simply contact us within 30 days from the date of your purchase. You must cover the return shipping back to the warehouse, but you will receive a full refund if the printer is unopened when returned to us.

For opened/used printers there is a 15% restocking fee and if any parts/accessories are missing you will not be refunded for those items.