EPAX 3D USA / Durable & Affordable 3D printers for Dentistry

EPAX 3D USA / Durable & Affordable 3D printers for Dentistry


The E10 / X10 -4K 8.9 inch mono large format 3D printers set the standard for dependable high-quality dental production. 

These printers are compatible with our free 3D printing software and offer a large build volume. Equipped and ready to quickly print multiple prints at a time, these robust, production-ready printers are engineered to be on 24/7 and can print more than 36 dental molds a day. 

Easy to use, these printers come out of the box ready. Simply download your dental model file into chitubox (EPAX 3D free printing software) select the version of the  EPAX printer under the printers tab; this will have all of the settings for the printer already configured for you. Click the dental resin tab located on the top part of the screen which will also have the EPAX recommended dental resin settings already built in.  Simply slice the file and save to a USB, plug the USB into the printer and print! 

Hassel and stress free these printers are user friendly with all the tools you need to start printing. EPAX also offers video tutorials via our website and a video support team that will virtually help you set up your printer.  


For more information on EPAX printers and EPAX dental packages please contact sales@epax3d.com 

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