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EPAX 3D specializes in the latest MSLA 3D printing technology, Engineered to be on 24/7 EPAX 3D printers are fully modular and can be retrofitted with the newest upgradeable technology. Our mission is to design user friendly out of the box 3D printers in small, medium and large form factors; with a customer support team who is there to assist you every step of the way.

New Releases!

E6 and E10


I received my E10 8.9 mono about 3 weeks ago. It has worked flawlessly. At my work I use Formlabs Form3. I have been using it for over a year now. I will place the E10 against it any day. The E10 is 1/8th the cost, larger build platform and consumables are cheaper, list goes on!

Will Simpkin

"I have had over 20 3D SLA/LCD printers. The new monochrome ones are amazing. I compared the E6 to the Mars 2 Mono, and there are a few reasons why the E6 is better in my opinion:

1 - It is significantly faster - the exposures are around 22% faster. I have measured them both and the E6 has more light output.

2 - It has a network interface on it. This allows me to run a print farm and start and monitor prints from another room. I no longer need to pull USB sticks, load files, and run back to the printer to load the file.

3 - It is quiet - the Mars fan runs when the printer is not printing. The E6 is silent when not printing.

4 - Replaceable LCD. It is unclear if Mars will sell you an LCD. You may have to buy a new printer, or ship yours to have someone else replace it. Epax said they will sell LCDs.

5 - The build plate on the E6 is secured with four bolts - and is less likely to go out of tram when removing tough prints. In fact mine has never gone out of alignment. My Mars has because it has a ball pivot mechanism.

Aside from all that, this was the first printer I have unboxed and started a print within 3-4 minutes. I have never had a failed print after several hundred parts.

Also, the E10 is great - have not had a single failed print on that either."

Robert Silvers

I could not be happier with the build and print quality on my X156. Epax has amazing customer service that helped walk me through the set up and setting recommendations for my printing needs. I highly recommend them for their great products and outstanding customer service.

Robert Sotomayer

The EPAX hard resin has rapidly become my favorite resin to use in my work as a professional miniature painter. I print and paint dozens of models each month, and the EPAX Hard Gray resin gives me the fine detail that I look for as a display model painter. By extension, it has limited shrinkage and multi-piece models have great tolerance between parts. Not only does it hold detail very well, but it's durable and doesn't smell as awful as many of the other resins I've used. It also isn't as viscous as other resins, meaning it backflows well and limits the need for long light-off-delay times. This also aids in any cleanup, as it flows from the vat easily. I would recommend this resin to anyone looking to maximize on the new Monoscreen printers.

Steven Smith / slsmithminipainting