EPAX Water Washable Resin for LCD 3D Printers, UV 405nm 1KG

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EPAX Water Washable Resin is water-soluble and can be cleaned up using room temperature tap water instead of isopropyl alcohol. It is low-odor in addition to avoiding the odor associated with IPA used in the clean-up of standard resins. This resin allows for faster printing speeds than most general purpose resins without sacrificing print quality.

Our Water Washable resin was designed specifically for capturing high-detail and is great for display pieces.  Oily looking right after printed but it is actually good looking after cured and dried.  It is also less easily get moisture impact, unlike other brand water washable resins which could get peeled off or cracked after weeks.   

It is compatible with most LCD printers that use 405nm wavelength UV light. 


* NOTE: the water used in post-processing and clean-up must be exposed to UV light before disposal and should not be poured directly down any drain. 


Recommended Resin Profiles for EPAX Printers

For mono screen printers, 0.05mm layer height, normal exposure time 1.5 to 2s.

For color screen printers, 0.05mm layer height, normal exposure time about 8s.