(Updated Sep 9th, 2020)


All of our printers have the same touchscreen interface and menu options so this manual can be referenced regardless of model. 


Test Files

As mentioned in the User Manual, it is recommended that you print the test file lamp-shade.cbddlp as your first print. If you have misplaced this file or need a new copy, you can download the compressed version that matches your printer model here. The file is ready to print once extracted onto your USB.

X1: Lamp-shade.cbdllp

X10: Lampshade_X10.cbdllp

Update:  X1-N, X1-K and X10 8.9" 4K mono now use CTB file format.  You can slice your preferred test file (STL file) into CTB file format in ChiTuBox.  Refer EPAX 3D User Manual for settings.


ChiTuBox Configuration Files 

These files can be imported into ChiTuBox. They contain the Machine Settings for each model as well as basic Print Settings. Depending upon the resin you are using, you may need to make changes to the Print Settings.

You don't necessarily need to import these files.  You can just create new profile in ChiTuBox and enter the parameters mentioned in our User Manual for your particular model.

EPAX X1 Standard ChiTuBox_EPAX_X1.cfg​
X1 Dental Model Edition Default_EPAX_X1-Dental-Model_profile.cfg
EPAX X9 EPAX_8.9_profile.cfg
EPAX X10 EPAX_10.1_profile.cfg


For an introduction to ChiTuBox you can view this file.

For more extensive ChiTuBox support, visit the ChiTuBox website, where you can also find the latest version of ChiTuBox.

Note that latest ChiTuBox slicer might not be able to import above cfg files.  Those files were generated in ChiTuBox 1.5.x version.  If so, you can create a new profile and enter the values mentioned in User Manual.  Latest ChiTuBox slicer may also have some of our models preconfigured.


You can find videos for basic maintenance for your printer on our Video Instructions page.

Firmware and Parameter Files