EPAX 3D User Manual and Resin Information


(Updated June 23rd, 2021)


All of our printers have the similar touchscreen interface and menu options so this manual can be referenced regardless of model. 
You can find videos for basic maintenance for your printer on our Video Instructions page.


Resin Properties Sheet

Not all of our resins are on this sheet yet, but for the tests that were ran these are the results.


Recommended Print Settings

This document is constantly evolving with more resin profiles being added and the settings being refined. Please keep in mind that resin settings are a range and the settings provided are the best settings under ideal printing conditions. You may find that you need to change your settings to better suit your needs.
We can provide the most extensive support for eSUN and EPAX brand resins. You are welcome to use other resins but we have not worked with them enough and can only help you get started.
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