Firmware Files

*Below are Firmware files and updates for most EPAX 3D printers. Please be sure you are selecting the correct file for your printer*

Firmware Installation Instructions

1. Find and download the correct firmware for your machine from the list below.

2. Unzip the compressed file and place the contents on the root directory of your USB drive

3. Power on your Epax 3D printer and once the machine has fully booted, insert the USB drive

4. Go to the "Print" screen, select the "Update.LCD" file, and print the file. The Machine will beep a few times and automatically restart

5. Once the machine has booted up go back to the "Print" screen and print the rest of the files included in the firmware download

6. Once all files have been printed, manually power off the machine, wait 10s, remove the USB, and power the machine back on

7. At this point your firmware update is complete. Make sure to remove the firmware files from your USB drive.


Latest Firmware Files

The below firmware is for the latest version of Chitubox Pro or Chitubox Basic v1.9 or higher:

E10/X10 8K

E10/X10 5K

E10/X10 4K







X1K (6" 2K mono)



ChiTu just released new firmwares with bug fixes and support for ChiTuBox Pro features. If you use ChiTuBox Slicer Pro version, you must update your printer's firmware.  These firmwares are also able to take files from ChiTuBox's free version.  That means these firmwares have backward compatibility.  

The E10 and X10 mono firmwares also have enhancements to better regulate current load on components. So we strongly recommend E10 or X10 mono customers to update the firmware.


Legacy Firmware Files

For customers using Chitubox v1.8, refer to the Legacy Firmware Files below

X1-Classic   X1N   X1K   X10   X133/X156  E6   E10 


EPAX X156/X133 Firmware Updates

09/08/2020 - V4.3.4 F2.11

Adds .ctb file support to X156/X133 machines.

The folder names are 13.3 and 15.6 corresponding to X133 and X156.  Inside each sub folder there are two firmware files.  You just need to copy these two files to a USB stick.  Print Update.LCD first, then the printer will reboot itself, then print the other file, then remove USB stick and power off, then wait for a few seconds and power on.


EPAX E6 Firmware Updates

Release Firmware

Old X1Ks that are going to be using new E6 screens will need this firmware update. E6s with trouble toggling the network switch in the Network menu on the touchscreen should try flashing this firmware.

EPAX E10 Firmware Updates

04/15/2021 - V4.3.4 F2.24

Graphical update fixing a screen flicker issue.

03/26/2021 - V4.3.4 F2.22

This is a graphical and mechanical update for the E10. Fixes an issue with some customers having a raised line on their prints and a bug where the printer may not read Lifting and Retracting speed settings set by the slicer.

Release Firmware - V4.3.4 F2.22

Original E10 Firmware. No longer used. X10 users converting to the E10 screen should download the latest firmware.


EPAX X10 Firmware Updates


Existing X10 4Ks that are going to be using new and cheaper E10 screens will need to update to the latest E10 Firmware. 

Release - V4.3.4

Original X10 4K firmware with 8.9" mono LCD screen. No longer used. 


Existing X1-Ks and those converting to the X1-K should look to the E6 firmware for future support.
This firmware update fixes a bug where the network switch in the Network menu on the printer would not toggle
Original X1-K firmware. No longer in use

EPAX X1-N Firmware Updates


Release Firmware - V4.3.4 F2.13

Original X1-N Firmware.


EPAX X1-Classic Firmware Updates

(No longer supported)

If you have an X1-N DO NOT use this firmware! 

01/17/2020 - V4.2.23
Fixes a bug causing LCD screen shearing and a mechanical update fixing print stretching