Powered by the latest lensed parallel light technology and complete with a monochrome LCD screen, the EPAX 3D E10-5K printer is the first 5K 10.1" printer on the market. The E10 5K has a highly detailed resolution of 4920*2880 pixels equating 565 pixels per inch complete with a build volume of 221.4mm*129.6mm*250mm and a 20 percent larger build surface than the E10-4K.

EPAX 3D is the only 3D printing company that manufacturers upgrade kits enabling users to keep up with the newest and latest technology at an affordable cost, minimizing the impact of having to buy a whole new machine. EPAX E10 5K upgrade kits require a mainboard and LCD screen. The upgrade itself is very straightforward and EPAX 3D offers quick and thorough video tutorials for all upgrades on their website. The 5k upgrade kits are compatible with both the E10-4K 8.9 inch mono printer and the X10 8.9 inch mono printer.

The E10 4K plus the 5k upgrade kit will equal the cost of the EPAX E10 5K printer. If you are in a hurry to start your printing creations you can order the E10-4K now and upgrade later for the same price. Exact pricing is still to be determined, please subscribe to our newsletter below for updates on pricing and E10-5K Release.

PLEASE NOTE: EPAX 3D does not offer international shipping at this time, to purchase internationally please visit the distributor page located under the distributor tab on EPAX3D.COM