Fast, Affordable & Precise.
Why EPAX 3D for Dental Printing?

EPAX 3D'S MSLA printers use high resolution LCD screens with a uniform UV back light allowing for faster prints while maintaining precise detail retention for dental molds.

SLA uses a laser to cure the liquid resin, although they are similar in precision SLA printers take an unfeasible amount of time making them less efficient, and the cost of both SLA and DLP printers and consumables are 2/3 higher than our MSLA printers.

DLP uses a projector, as the image gets closer to the edges of the projector pixel distortion can become prominent which affects the accuracy of the print. DLP printers are generally much smaller in build volume, preventing you from printing more at a faster rate.

FDM printers are slow in speed, EPAX 3D printers can print triple the amount in 1/4th of the time.
The EPAX E10 & X10 can print up to 7 dental molds in 1.5 hours.

In summary EPAX 3D printers are affordable, infinitely faster, more precise and significantly larger than other leading brands.