File preparation could not be more convenient on CHITUBOX slicing program. Not only does its simplified user-interface help users build software familiarity quicker, but CHITUBOX facilitates accelerated slicing of models. No need for lengthy preview times -- results are produced in mere seconds!



EPAX 3D strives to diversify the industry of dental 3D printing through 3rd party resin compatibility. Our open material system brings market-leading resins specifically calibrated for specialized dental applications. These collaborations earn validation for our printers and provide more flexibility to your dental and orthodontic practices.


Chitubox's free user-friendly interface allows users of all backgrounds to easily navigate the software and prepare files for printing. Let Chitubox take the hassle out of support generation with built in presets to help expedite scanned models into sliced files for the printer to replicate. Additionally, this program contains highly-efficient CAD automation and orientation features to minimize preparation times and take full advantage of the provided build space. 

Versatile Editing Tools

CHITUBOX offers all the necessary functions for complex editing projects for dental production within a convenient, easy-to-navigate interface that streamlines the process. Save time and effort with CHITUBOX's simple design, user friendly tools, and the function to view all your edits at once.


Fast and Easy Model Slicing

Model slicing has never been so easy - with CHITUBOX, a ready to print model can be produced within a few clicks and seconds. Combined with a preview feature that lets you check each layer, CHITUBOX is perfect for fast, error-free printing.

Multi-Model Processing

With just 2 clicks, CHITUBOX can neatly arrange multiple models as well as remove dispersed particles commonly found in dental scans. Precise and fast  processing makes CHITUBOX ideal for mass processing models.


CHITUBOX offers Maximized Versatility with 3-D Dental Modeling


See Compatible Materials What is included in CHITUBOX?

At the affordable price of free, you can get access to advanced dental modeling features for enhancing your dental practice. CHITUBOX offers all the necessary functions to carry out everything from editing dental scans to analyzing multiple models for accuracy, performing advanced CAD operations with a single click. Rest assured your models are correctly prepared for printing with CHITUBOX's versatile software.


Keeping track of multiple patients can be challenging. Never mix up your patient models again with CHITUBOX Pro's handy tagging tool!


AUTO LAYOUT- Smarter layout algorithm enables efficient platform area utilization and automatic model orientation.  


 ANALYZE- Measure your model size and any distance between points and faces to know if your model features and layout are accurate.