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Lamp-Shade.cbddlp test file:

It is recommended to print the test file lamp-shade.cbddlp as the first print to print in your printer.  Its compressed version can be downloaded here You just unzip it and put it into your USB stick if your USB doesn't have this file.


EPAX X1 ChiTuBox_EPAX_X1.cfg​
Dental Model Edition Default_EPAX_X1-Dental-Model_profile.cfg
EPAX X9 EPAX_8.9_profile.cfg
EPAX X10 EPAX_10.1_profile.cfg



Other Maintenance


Steps to apply tape on LCD screen:

1, Download the two cbddlp files which are helpful to display the edge of displayable screen.  You can find the thin frame file here and thick frame file here.

2, Print one of the above cbddlp file to show where the edge of screen is.  Then apply the pre-cut tape to the frame so that the displayed frame is still seen.  On each of the 4 sides there is 1mm room for you.  So you don't necessarily need to apply the tape precisely.

3, If you don't have pre-cut tape, you can use kapton tape for the same purpose.

4, Press down the tape so that it is even and secure.

5, Do an auto home to make sure things are all good.  Then, do an auto home with VAT installed.