EPAX X1 owners can update firmware to version 4.2.16. 

Bugs fixed in this version: 

Customers experienced weird popup info while updating update.LCD file.

Fixed some of USB stick issues.

Normalized the updating procedure.


There are three files in this zip file:



and a PDF file showing the steps to update.

Click below link to download.

 EPAX-X1-Firmware-4-2-16 zip file

From now on, please follow the instructions in PDF to do the update.

Please note that since March 2019, the firmware updates now take "Bottom Lift Speed" and "Lifting Speed" values from ChiTuBox.  Please set them accordingly.  We recommend 60 for slow and finer detailed prints and recommend 180 for normal prints.  A too fast value would lead to premature stress on film and could also give little time for LCD to cool down. 



EPAX X1 owners can update firmware to version 4.2.15. 

Bugs fixed in this version: 

AA enabled printing, if stopped in the middle, will need to be powered off/on again to eliminate the last image in memory.

Feature enabled for trial in this firmware:

This firmware also has networking feature opened for trial. You will need three things: 1, a USB stick plugged in the printer; 2, a network cable plugged in mainboard ethernet port and your network supports DHCP; 3, latest 1.4.0 ChiTuBox to communicate with the printer(network sending), send file to USB stick and start to print.

Click below link to download.


Note that due to changes, it is recommended to update slicer to 1.4.0 too and use 1.4.0 to slice your file before printing.  Your old sliced file might not fully work with new firmware.

Update just takes seconds and is as easy as printing a file.  You may want to make sure your USB stick does not have other files.  Some reported that having other files could make updating failed.

This update is for EPAX X1 only.  There are two files in this zip file:




Steps to update:

1. Load update.LCD file as if you print this file.   Print->"Click the file"->"Click ->" to start to "print" it.  It will load in progress.  After done.  power off printer and power on it again.  Make sure leave USB drive in all the time during the update.
2. Repeat same above steps for  epax4_2_15-fpga27_V22_101.bin file. 
3. Check System Info to make sure 4.2.15 is now the version shown.

Note1: In order to use Anti-aliasing feature, you must use ChiTuBox 1.3.0 and later and have this option enabled for slicing.  It is recommended to use ChiTuBox 1.4.0 as the slicer has many other fixes in.
This firmware is backward compatible.  It can print sliced file without this feature.
Note2: This is for 5.5 inch printers (X1).  Due to already high resolution, this feature effect is not very obvious.  It will be more obvious on 10.1 printers but that will be a different firmware.
This firmware also starts to read in the three speed settings in ChiTuBox: Bottom Lift Speed, Lifting Speed and Retraction Speed.  Recommend to set them to 60, 60 and 180 respectively for most stable printing.  If you want to print faster, recommend to set them to 150, 150 and 300 respectively.


03/07/2019  Firmware 4.2.13 (This firmware enabled AA)

You can download here:


Update steps are the same.

Recommended gcode config file
You can download here.
Printers received before March 15th may update this file.  It is as simple as printing the file as if it is a printable file and then power cycle the printer.
Printers received after the date already have this updated.

The config file also allows users to manually lower platform after auto home.  This feature is only useful in rare cases such as that user did not put much force on build platform while doing releveling.   You should be careful if you do so and only move 0.01mm if needed.