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The X-Series brings professional-grade rapid prototyping to the hands of designers and innovators across numerous industry verticals. These robust machines were designed with dependability and durability in mind, delivering high-quality 3D models with minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

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The E-Series strives to enhance the 3-D printing experience for hobbyists across the globe. Enabling customers to quickly print complex, high-detailed models with efficiency and reliability in mind. These machines allow both entry-level consumers and enthusiasts to excel within the 3D printing market.

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Why Choose EPAX 3D Printers?

EPAX 3D printers are engineered to deliver efficient, fast and accurate 24/7 performance with the latest in LCD 3D printing technology.

To meet the demand of the dynamic 3-D printing market, all manufactured printers are fully modular and can be retrofitted with the newest upgradeable technology.

EPAX strives to build machines that are dependable, precise and built to last.

Based in the US, we offer USA customers free, quick and reliable shipping to avoid the wait time of international shipping.

Light Crystal Display

Through a process known as photopolymerization, LCD technology utilizes ultraviolet LED light modules to cure liquid resin into a desired shape. To achieve this, activating specific pixels within the crystal display allows light to cure an object's cross-sectional outline layer-by-layer.

All refurbished units are tested and calibrated before shipping.