New Development


10.1 inch printer release date  -- end of May 2019 

Testing is done.

The 10.1 inch screen is a 2K screen (2560x1660).  10.1 printing volume is 135*215*250mm.  This is much bigger than some 8.9 inch printers on market, especially on Z axis.


13.3 inch printer -- TBD, likely 2 months after 10.1 inch



General purpose hard resin (eSUN) in 8 colors, Dec., 2018

PLA based low toxic resins in 2 colors (eSUN), Dec., 2018

Dental and Jewelry Castable resins (eSUN) -- March 15th, 2019

PLA based low toxic resin in 11 colors (eSUN), April. 30th, 2019

Hard-Tough Resin,  May, 2019