ChiTuBox Configuration Files 

These files can be imported into ChiTuBox. They contain the Machine Settings for each of our printer models as well as basic Print Settings. Depending upon the resin you are using, you may need to make changes to the Print Settings before slicing.

EPAX X1 Standard ChiTuBox_EPAX_X1.cfg​
X1 Dental Model Edition Default_EPAX_X1-Dental-Model_profile.cfg
EPAX X9 EPAX_8.9_profile.cfg
EPAX X10 EPAX_10.1_profile.cfg

You may also manually enter the Machine Settings based on your printer model. Select your model/screen below:

X1 (5.5")     X9 (9.8")     X10 (10.1")     X133 (13.3")     X156 Color (15.6")

This page is under construction, please check back later if you can't find what you're looking for.


eSUN Resin Exposure Settings:

Light and Anti-Aliasing Settings (Note that if AA enabled here, you need to use firmware with AA enabled -- See Firmware page):

Speed Params are in effect now.  For best results, set Bottom Lift Speed to 60, Lifting Speed to 60 and Retract Speed to 180.  For faster printing, you may set to 150, 150 and 300 respectively.:

Support Params (You will need to adjust according to your model and orientation):


 Recommended Print Settings

This document is constantly evolving with more resin profiles being added and the settings being refined.

Please keep in mind that resin settings are a range and the settings provided are the best settings under ideal printing conditions. They are a recommendation/suggestion to get you started. You may find that you need to change your settings to better suit your needs.

We can provide the most extensive support for eSUN and EPAX brand resins. You are welcome to use other resins but we have not worked with them enough and can only help you get started.

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