(Refurbished) EPAX E10 Series Mono LCD 3D Printer

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This is a USED EPAX E10 printer in good working condition. The exact condition of the printer will vary. Sometimes a refurbished printer will have minor cosmetic damage (such as a dent or scratch on the frame or scuffs). Some will have some signs of use (such as minor scratches on the build plate or vat), but nothing that will impact printing.

The printer will be in good working condition and is tested before shipping out. Your printer will arrive calibrated and ready to print.

We do not ship refurbished printers internationally. They are only available for domestic US customers. 

This EPAX E10 is a mid-sized printer. The standard model is equipped with an 8.9-inch 4K mono LCD screen. Monochrome LCD screens allow for much faster exposure settings and have a much longer lifespan than color LCD screens.

The E10 has same printing volume height as X10 at 250mm.

Features of the E10 3D LCD Printer:

  • High quality dual-linear rails and lead screw
  • Unique nFEP film leading to small release force and less stress on print
  • High quality latest parallel light
  • Versatile screen options.  Can support any screens between 8.9" and 10.1".  E10 uses 8.9" 4K mono screen as standard screen. It is capable of using upcoming 10.1" 5K mono screen (Compatible 5K mainboard and screen mounting bracket needed to support 5K screen).  
  • Modular design.  Making upgrades easier.  Non-customized ChiTu mainboard thus making future upgrades easy.  
  • Molded vat costs much less, making it easy to own many.  The molded vat is corrosion resistant.  The vat comes with an installed film and is just a bit over the cost of a film.
  • Partially molded build plate, making it easy to get one spare for your printer.
  • Heavy foundation and frame making it a stable machine.

Available Models:

  • 192mm (L) *120mm (W) *250mm (H) build volume  (8.9" 4K mono edition)  
  • 221.4mm (L) *129.6mm (W) *250mm (H) build volume  (10.1" 5K mono edition)
  • 218.88mm (L) *123.12mm (W) *250mm (H) build volume  (10.1" 8K mono edition)

The purchase price does not include sales tax/VAT and shipping cost. The shipping cost will vary from country to country and depends on which shipping option chosen.  Customer is responsible for sales tax/VAT of your location.

Accessories included:
1x extra nFEP film
1x USB stick
1x power adapter
1x metal scraper
1x plastic scraper
2x funnels
DOES NOT come with resin.