EPAX E10 / E6 Molded Build Platform

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Choose the right build platform for your model.  There are two molded build platform available.  One for E10 printer and one for E6 printer. 

This low-cost molded build plate has metal sheet attached to bottom and comes with all of the parts necessary to install it quickly and easily into your printer. All that is necessary is to calibrate the plate to your machine. It is calibrated in the same way as any our build plate.


Note that you must level this build plate for your printer.  The build plate is dedicated to one of your printers and cannot be used with other printers without releveling to that printer.  So please mark the build plate to the printer name.


E10 Molded Build Platform: XY size:  232mm x 141.7mm

E6 Molded Build Platform: XY size:  128mm x 78mm

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