EPAX E10 / E6 Molded Resin Tank with nFEP Film Installed
EPAX E10 / E6 Molded Resin Tank with nFEP Film Installed
EPAX E10 / E6 Molded Resin Tank with nFEP Film Installed

EPAX E10 / E6 Molded Resin Tank with nFEP Film Installed

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E10 vat is molded with non-corrosive plastic and fits EPAX E10 series 3D printers.  It can support an 8.9" screen or 10.1" screen on E10.  Each vat comes with a sheet of nFEP film already installed, so it will arrive ready to use. 

  • E10 molded vat only fits the E10 printer
  • E6 molded vat is for the E6 printer


  • The molded tank allows for cheap replacements and extras for switching out resin on the fly
  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic sports increased durability and resistance to corrosion and resin.
  • It is equipped with a rubber seal to ensure that the vat is water-tight to help avoid resin leaks.
  • E10 Vat Max Volume 1500mL without build platform and 700mL with the build platform
  • E6 Vat Max Volume 300mL without build platform and 200mL with the build platform



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