EPAX X10/E10 (ALL-METAL Build Platform) Magnetic Build Surface

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This magnetic build plate is compatible with X10 printers.  It is attached to the existing build platform of X10 printers using an adhesive magnetic pad.  Does not come with the build platform itself. Not recommended for dental use.

This also fits the E10's All Metal Build Platform, which is an add-on to replace E10's standard Molded Platform.

You can choose the magnetic pad+steel plate or the steel plate by itself.

Two options to choose from:

1, Magnetic pad and Steel Plate

2, Steel Plate Only

Steps to apply:

1, Clean your existing Metal Build Platform well.  Make sure no IPA is left on the existing build surface since IPA can dissolve the glue of the magnetic pad.

2, Glue magnetic pad to the existing build platform.  The pad comes with glue pre-applied.

3, Put the steel plate on.

4, Re-level the new whole Build Platform similar to before.



You can use IPA to clean the steel plate and magnetic pad surface.  But not to soak the magnetic pad in IPA.  Doing that will lead to the separation of the pad from the build platform since IPA can dissolve the glue. 


This magnetic build plate comes ready to install on your build platform quickly. After applying the magnetic pad and steel plate to your existing build platform, you must recalibrate your build platform because of the increased height of the build surface. Failure to relevel/recalibrate your build platform could result in damage to other parts such as the LCD screen. 

It is calibrated in the same way as the standard build platform.  See the video below as a reference: