EPAX X1-4KS 6.6" Mono LCD 3D Printer

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* All consumables included except resin which must be purchased separately.

Printer Specifications:
Screen Size:  6.6" 4K Mono Screen   4098 x 2560px
XY Resolution:  35um
Z Resolution: 10um
Light Source:  Latest high precision parallel light 
Build Volume:   143.43x89.66x155mm
Connectivity:  USB Drive Only.  No Ethernet.
Weight: 11KG
Slicer:  ChiTuBox

    • 4K MONO (6.6 inch) LCD masking screen. 4098x2560 (4K) HD masking LCD allows for amazing print detail and much faster printing speed.  It typically only needs 2.5 to 3 seconds for normal exposure time, compared to color screen which needs 8 to 10 seconds.  Pixel size is 35 microns.
    • The mono screen can last several thousands hours of normal use.
    • Parallel UV light source -- This is the most advanced light source, providing more print detail for dental and jewelry applications where finer details are beneficial as well as a more even distribution of the light across the entire build area.
    • 3.5-inch Color TFT Touchscreen.  
    • Excellent Z-axis stability. 
    • Pre-installed nFEP film to allow easier detachment during printing (you can still use standard FEP films with this printer if you prefer).
    • Sanded build platform surface made of soft aluminum for better adhesion and easier print removal.
    • Anti-Aliasing supported and enabled in installed firmware.
    • Wide selection of supported resins - you can use any 405nm wavelength 3D printing resins.
    • 143.43mm (L) *89.66mm (W) *155mm (H) build volume


Each printer purchase includes:

  • 1x spare nFEP film, 0.125mm thick 
  • 1x USB stick. No files on the USB stick. For the latest user manual please check the support tab above.
  • 1x power adapter
  • 1x plastic scraper tool
  • 1x metal scraper tool
  • 1x allen wrench
  • 2x resin filters


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