X1-K / E6 Mainboards

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X1-K and E6 share the same mainboard but slightly different firmware, because the slightly difference on the 6" mono screen size.  

You will need to check which version X1 you have. X1-Classic X1-N, X1-K, and E6 will all use this mainboard but will use different firmware. The X1 mainboard uses an SX04 interface to the LCD screen and its firmware uses CTB file format to print instead of the CBDDLP file format that the older X1-Classic mainboards used. Because of where the screen cable connector is located, customers replacing the X1-classic mainboards will need to remove the right angle adapter from the end of their screen cable before connecting to the mainboard. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL SHORT OUT THE MAINBOARD AND THE SCREEN.

Please contact support@epax3d.com if you have any questions.