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Product Code: EPAX-X1-mainboard-CBDDLP-format-SX03-interface

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X1 mainboard is a replacement mainboard for EPAX X1 5.5" LCD printers ONLY and uses SX03 interface to LCD screen and only support CBDDLP file format. Use with other similar printers is not supported. This is the mainboard only and does include any cables, connectors or other components.

You will need to check which version you have.  There is now a version of  X1-N mainboard which uses SX04 interface to LCD screen.  And its firmware uses CTB file format to print instead of CBDDLP file format.   Because of the way screen cable slot located, printers with X1-N mainboard has a side window outside metal body of the printer.  This is so that replacing LCD screen is easier for X1-N printers.


Cannot install X-1N mainboard to X1 or vice versa.  Doing so will damage mainboard or LCD screen.  Contact if you are not sure what mainboard is needed for your printer.