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  • LCD screen
  • Screen Cable
  • 1x precut tape 


Use the guide below to choose the correct screen for your printer model

E10-5K/X10-5K: 10.1" 5K mono screen.

E10-8K/X10-8K: 10.1" 8K mono screen.

X1-4KS: 6.6" 4K mono screen.

X1K/E6: 6" 2K mono screen.

X1-4K: 5.5" 4K mono screen.

X10-4K/E10: 8.9" 4K mono screen. 

*There are some open box brand new screens due to upgrading E10 to E10-5K printers. Open boxed screens have signs of installation but never printed.

X10: 10.1" 2K color screen.

X1-Classic/X1-N/X1-DJ/X1-N-DJ: 5.5" 2K color screen with SX03 or SX04 interface.  

The SX04 screen is exactly the same as the SX03 but requires an adapter to be removed from the SX03 screen cable. Instructions are included in the screen packaging.

*If you are unsure, please email to support@epax3d.com to help you find out which interface yours is.

X133: 13.3" 6K mono screen.

NOTE TO EXISTING X133 CUSTOMERS: Our company is currently transitioning the X133 printers to a 6K mono-screen. Replacement 6K screens will be offered at the same price as the 4k LCD screens.  Matching 6K mainboard is free with 13.3" 6K screen purchase. To get the free 6K mainboard with 6K screen purchase, please email us at support@epax3d.com for arrangement. 


X156: 15.6" 4K color screen. 

    Replacing your screen always involved re-leveling your build plate.

    ALWAYS make sure your vat is free from any debris and that the build plate has nothing on it before starting a new print job.  Monochrome screens are more expensive due to being produced in smaller volumes only for 3D printing.

    Disclaimer: Using this screen with non EPAX 3D printers is NOT supported.


    You can reference below general guide for screen replacement:


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